Cover Crops (pdf-842k)

Twelve cover crops were grown in 48 plots and assessed for their impact on a subsequent tomato crop grown without fertility inputs. Half of the plots were harvested before preparation for the subsequent tomato crop and half were plowed in.

Lay-Flat Pipe (pdf-744k)

Lay-flat pipe offers opportunities for farmers in Northern Afghanistan opportunity to cut both water loss and management cost for gravity and pumped water systems. It also offers new possibilities for how farmers access water, move and use water in those provinces.

Safflower (pdf-1.4mb)

Thorny safflower is a traditional plant in Afghanistan which was described as a center of origin by Vavilov (Singh and Nimbkar, 2006). Spineless types were tested and introduced by JDA starting in 2006.

Strawberries (pdf-769k)

Strawberry production is a profitable enterprise, provided that regular watering is available and markets are accessible. Even small areas can be profitable, particularly since the berry is ripe when little other fresh fruit is available.

Weed Control (pdf-825k)

Weeds are reducing wheat production by more than 30% in Northern Afghanistan, and hindering any attempt at increasing yields. However, proper use of herbicides can have a rapid and major positive impact.

JDA Final Report to IFDC for FARMS Project (pdf-2mb)