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Our international humanitarian organization in Grand Junction, CO could use your donations


Donate to our international humanitarian organization in Grand Junction, CO

Are you looking to partner with an international humanitarian organization? We could use your help at Joint Development Associates International, aka JDA. JDA was founded in 1994 when we started working in Uzbekistan. In 2001, we expanded our focus to Afghanistan. Now, we're based in Grand Junction, CO and send aid to many nations in need. Our humanitarian organization offers support by:

Catalyzing individual development to spark positive change
Encouraging the betterment of economic, political and social conditions
Providing relief to nations dealing with war and natural disasters

Over the years, we've donated food, water, shelter and social and spiritual support to people in need. Currently, we're focused on our Grand Valley Resettlement Program, helping to evacuate Afghans and relocate them to the United States.

If you feel inspired to donate to an international humanitarian organization that uses local resources to help families abroad, consider choosing JDA.

What are the
values and beliefsthat guide us?

JDA is a principled humanitarian organization. We're driven by our values, which include:

  • Equality
  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Training
  • Forgiveness
  • Participation
  • Environment
  • Love and service
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Professional competence
  • Identification with Central Asia
  • Accountability and teachability
  • Special concern for the poor and disadvantaged

These values guide us through everything we do. You can read more about our mission and beliefs on the Who We Are section of our website.

Since early August 2021, when the Taliban began taking over province after province, we initiated (with friends from Help the Persecuted) steps to rescue and evacuate former JDA staff and at-risk minority Afghans. The process and the rules for these rescues were constantly changing and all subject to the Taliban rules on the ground. Finding countries willing to accept evacuation flights was extremely complicated. We traveled to Budapest and Athens for meetings in hope that spending time face to face with their governments would open doors for our Afghan evacuees. Unfortunately, all of this activity yielded no results.

During an eight-week period many attempts were made to evacuate our Afghan friends to Qatar, Kosovo, Albania and to the UAE. Finally, on October 20, 2021, we were able to evacuate 568 individuals to the UAE.

Since this successful rescue, we have set up the Grand Valley Resettlement Program with the intent to resettle some of our Afghan friends to the Grand Valley area and other parts of Colorado. We now wait for processing to commence in the UAE so that our Afghan friends can have an onward journey to the United States. Members of each Afghan family now located in the UAE have all worked for JDA, some for many years. We know them personally and they have skills and talents that will be useful where ever they resettle.

Contributions directed to the Grand Valley Resettlement Program will go 100% towards assisting Afghan families resettle in the Grand Valley.